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Cool Blade Graphic

When Tough Turtle Turf started offering services in Las Vegas, they created their own turf that stayed 15% cooler. I created a graphic to explain how it worked. I used Illustrator and Photoshop.


The company received the “People Love Us On Yelp” award and the owner wanted a graphic for the website. With the files they gave us I created this graphic with their colors.

Warranty Illustration

The owner wanted an illustration that showed it was a Lifetime Warranty since no other company offered it. I wanted to create it simple and easy to read. The graphic was used on the website, company truck wraps and pamphlets. Photoshop and Illustrator was used.


When San Diego’s Company started the owner wanted to sell window shutters/blinds. However, he wanted it separate from the windows company. He wanted the company to be called Queen Bee Discount Shutters. I created this simple design in Illustrator.

Tough Turtle Turf Logo

When starting with my previous employer, we started out as a replacement company. We did extremely well but the owner wanted to take advantage of the drought and city rebate. He started Tough Turtle Turf. I was asked to create the logo and after playing around with various styles this is what we decided on. …

SDBW Graphic

When I first had started for San Diego’s Best Window Company. They had no web presence and for the first 3 month only worked on referrals and word of mouth. I created this graphic in Illustrator.