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When San Diego’s Company started the owner wanted to sell window shutters/blinds. However, he wanted it separate from the windows company. He wanted the company to be called Queen Bee Discount Shutters. I created this simple design in Illustrator.

Tough Turtle Turf Logo

When starting with my previous employer, we started out as a replacement company. We did extremely well but the owner wanted to take advantage of the drought and city rebate. He started Tough Turtle Turf. I was asked to create the logo and after playing around with various styles this is what we decided on. …

SDBW Graphic

When I first had started for San Diego’s Best Window Company. They had no web presence and for the first 3 month only worked on referrals and word of mouth. I created this graphic in Illustrator.

Pulltarps Ad

I created this ad for a trucking magazine. I wanted to keep it simple, clean and make it stand out since most of the ads where white and black. I used the most popular tarp systems and trucks. I used Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

Pulltarps Mailer

One of my previous employers Pulltarps wanted to create a mailer that was uniformed with previous magazine ads, training video, and catalog that I had created. I used Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop.